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Heat supply

Control Systems

VAVRIK group s.r.o.

VAVRIK group s.r.o. is the engineering and trading company, which specializes in the wholesale supply of equipment for the heat supply systems, ventilation, gas supply, oil production, automation systems.

We offer individual solutions in the following directions:

  • boiler houses on all of the kinds of fuel
  • burners for boilers
  • radiators and convectors
  • expansion tanks, setting to maintain pressure
  • capacitive amd boilers, tank accumulators
  • pumps and pumping stations
  • heat exchangers
  • smokestacks
  • shut-off valves, filters, check valves, etc.
  • control valves
  • thermostatic valves
  • pipes and fittings
  • warm floors – ready solutions
  • alternative sources of the thermal energy – ready solutions
  • modular dismountable buildings
  • fans
  • refrigeration machines
  • freely programmable controllers
  • automatics of engineering systems, smart home system

We are trying to transform the needs of our customers in the optimal solution in terms of logistics and technical capabilities of the equipment.


  • Logistic

    Фирма VAVRIK group  предлагает своим партнерам услуги по консолидации грузов и доставки оборудования до Вашей страны.


Why us?

  • Why us?

    Важным стимулом работы с нами для наших партнеров является то, что в одном лице они находят решение вопросов: